Towards reliable and competitive inland container shipping



Nextlogic is working towards a more efficient handling of inland container shipping, with profits for the whole logistic chain. For barge operators, inland terminals, deep sea terminals and depots, shipping companies and ultimately also for forwarders and shippers. Representatives of the logistic chain parties in inland container shipping unanimously endorsed the implementation of Nextlogic. This is a big step forward in terms of optimizing the chain together. Nextlogic focuses on reducing inefficiencies in inland container shipping, not only to facilitate, but also to stimulate the growth of this modality. With the pillars below, Nextlogic stimulates a reliable and thus predictable turnaround time, better use of the quays, cranes and barges and fewer (small) calls in the sea port. This creates room for growth and reinforces the competitive position of the port of Rotterdam as a whole. The main difference between previous initiatives and Nextlogic is the integrated, port-wide approach. A distinctive approach based on joint effort by all parties in the logistic chain. Nextlogic can rely on wide support




Neutral integrated planning

The neutral and integral allocation of inland vessels to terminals and depots improves reliability. Quays, cranes and inland vessels are better deployed.

Call optimisation

If containers are bundled per terminal, destination or inland vessel, the calls increase in size and decrease in number. This improves the efficiency.

Performance measurement

Performance measurement provides more insight into the performance of the chain, individual chain parties and the effect of the measures taken.


Information exchange is the foundation of the Nextlogic pillars and a reliable and competitive inland container shipping. It is the required input for the BRAIN planning tool.

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Nextlogic UK fact sheet 2014
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