Permanent improvement of the container inland shipping product

Nextlogic focuses on improving the handling of inland container shipping in the port of Rotterdam. In collaboration with the market, Nextlogic develops innovative systems and processes, offering terminals, empty depots and barge operators a neutral and integrated planning.

Nextlogic is working towards a more efficient handling of inland container shipping, with profits for the whole logistic chain. For barge operators, inland terminals, deep sea terminals and depots, shipping companies and ultimately also for forwarders and shippers. Representatives of the logistic chain parties in inland container shipping unanimously endorsed the implementation of Nextlogic. This is a big step forward in terms of optimizing the chain together. Nextlogic focuses on reducing inefficiencies in inland container shipping, not only to facilitate, but also to stimulate the growth of this modality. Nextlogic stimulates a reliable and thus predictable turnaround time, better use of the quays, cranes and barges and fewer (small) calls in the sea port. This creates room for growth and reinforces the competitive position of the port of Rotterdam as a whole. The main difference between previous initiatives and Nextlogic is the integrated, port-wide approach. A distinctive approach based on joint effort by all parties in the logistic chain. Nextlogic can rely on wide support.

Live in 2020
The development of the integrated planning is in full swing. It is expected to be delivered in 2020. From then on, Nextlogic will have a tool that is capable of providing integrated planning for all terminals, depots and barge operators in and around the port of Rotterdam in a neutral and dynamic manner. This will bring us with reach of making the integrated planning of inland container shipping a reality. For more information and updates please visit:

How can I participate in Nextlogic?

All terminals, depots and barge operators/inland terminals that are involved in the handling of inland container barges in the port of Rotterdam can participate in Nextlogic. The more parties that participate, the more reliable and effective inland container barging will be. Would you like to participate or receive more information?

Please contact Wouter Groen – Manager Nextlogic
+31 (0)6 – 53 91 44 53.

Who is already participating?

The 27 companies below have already agreed to join Nextlogic.

Costs per participant

The service fee to use Nextlogic consist of a monthly fixed contribution of €280,- and a contribution per planned container.
For terminal and barge operators the cost per planned container is €0,45. For empty depots it is €0,30.

The service fee will be charged after the test phase and the three-month trial period have successfully been completed. After this an additional discount of 50% on the price per planned container is offered for the first 3 months of use.

In addition to this there are several other costs that you have to take into account: investments in IT changes, process changes within your own company. It is not possible for Nextlogic to estimate whether and to what extent you need to adjust your processes. It is wise to reflect on this and to discuss this with your IT supplier.


€0,45 per container


€0,30 per container


€0,45 per container