Permanent improvement of the container inland shipping product


Nextlogic is working towards a more efficient handling of inland container shipping, with profits for the whole logistic chain. For barge operators, inland terminals, deep sea terminals and depots, shipping companies and ultimately also for forwarders and shippers. Representatives of the logistic chain parties in inland container shipping unanimously endorsed the implementation of Nextlogic. This is a big step forward in terms of optimizing the chain together. Nextlogic focuses on reducing inefficiencies in inland container shipping, not only to facilitate, but also to stimulate the growth of this modality. With the products and systems below, Nextlogic stimulates a reliable and thus predictable turnaround time, better use of the quays, cranes and barges and fewer (small) calls in the sea port. This creates room for growth and reinforces the competitive position of the port of Rotterdam as a whole. The main difference between previous initiatives and Nextlogic is the integrated, port-wide approach. A distinctive approach based on joint effort by all parties in the logistic chain. Nextlogic can rely on wide support.




Integrated planning

Nextlogic provides an integrated planning in which all containers are handled on time at the correct quay and all vessels remain within their assigned rotation schedule. This planning is both precise and easy to execute.

Exchange of information

The effective exchange of information forms the cornerstone of Nextlogic’s integrated planning and is indispensable for the realisation of a reliable inland shipping product. It provides input for Nextlogic’s central planning tool BRAIN.

Performance dashboard

An objective performance monitoring system provides insight into the performance of the chain and its individual links, the quality and quantity of the provided information and the various premises of the central planning tool BRAIN.

Information Platform

The information platform allows parties in the chain to share up-to-date information about rotation schedules, calls, containers and available quay capacity with the aid of API or web displays. The information also inputs information into BRAIN.


The central planning tool BRAIN makes a feasible and effective planning for all parties involved, on the basis of information supplied by the information platform as well as the adopted KPIs and calculation rules.


July 2018

Factsheet Nextlogic 2018
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23 May 2018

In the past few months, much progress was made behind the scenes at Nextlogic. The first experiences with the exchange of information and the development of BREIN, for instance, are in full swing. Nextlogic BV is also being established. Already, eleven companies have agreed to join in 2018. Together they represent about 40% of the market volume. In addition, the link via API of the first companies with the information platform is in the final test phase.

Nextlogic focuses on improving the handling of inland container shipping in the port of Rotterdam. In collaboration with the market, Nextlogic develops innovative systems and processes, offering terminals, empty depots and barge operators a neutral and integrated planning.

Exchange of enriched container information
Van Berkel and UWT were the first to sign up to connect to Nextlogic via an API link (automatic link with their own business system). Together with their IT suppliers Modality and Softpak, Nextlogic worked intensively to realise the link. We are now in the final test phase. In the short term, they will exchange, among other things, enriched container information and establish unloading and loading lists. After the summer, barge operators and terminals will also be able to exchange information via the information platform.

Live in 2018
The development of the central planning tool BREIN, and with it the integrated planning, is in full swing. It is expected to be delivered before the end of this year. From then on, Nextlogic will have a tool that is capable of providing integrated planning for all terminals, depots and barge operators in and around the port of Rotterdam in a neutral and dynamic manner. This will bring us with reach of making the integrated planning of inland container shipping a reality.

Establishment of Nextlogic BV
At the end of last year, it was agreed that the programme would be phased out, and Nextlogic would become a private limited company, with the Port of Rotterdam Authority as a shareholder. The company is currently being established, and Nextlogic has established itself in the Science Tower in Rotterdam. With the transfer of the programme to the company, Sjoerd Sjoerdsma transferred his duties to Wouter Groen on 1 May. Wouter will focus full time on the daily management of Nextlogic.

Participation and registration
All terminals, depots and barge operators/inland terminals that are responsible for handling inland container shipping in the port of Rotterdam can participate in Nextlogic. The more parties participate, the more reliable and effective inland container shipping will be. Would you like to register or receive more information? Please contact Wouter Groen – Managing Director Nextlogic – or +31 (0)6 – 53 91 44 53.

More information

For any questions or additional information please contact us.

Wouter Groen
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